My Firewalking Experience

The Norval’s go Firewalking! here is the story.

My Father (RIP) was Branch Manager at the Rothsay Street Branch of the Standard Bank in Benoni in the late 90’s. There he met Mervyn Niland, the founder of Flight Hand Cleaner, who also did Firewalking Seminars. He invited my Dad to attend one of his firewalking events and my Dad accepted his invitation.  The day arrived and the two of us together with another friend went down to Apex where the firewalk was being held.

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My first Youtube video

This is exciting! I have uploaded my first video to Youtube as a test and hopefully there will be many more videos to follow.

The channel’s name is Henry Norval – Please subscribe! 


Rugged Cell Smartphone

Okay – so the deal about Cell Phones and Smartphones, we all need them in today’s life. But the problem is just how rugged are our phones?

I for one have smashed or cracked screens, dropped the smartphone and had it fall into pieces. Even had it slip out of my pocket whilst busy on a roof a while ago, phone did not survive.
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Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Plant

I purchased my first Venus Flytrap or Dionaea Muscipula about three years ago. The plant is still thriving and looking good. 

Venus Flytrap

These plants are native to the subtropical wetlands on the east coast of North and South Carolina. In nature the grown in boglands with the soil having no nutritional value, they instead digest insects for nutrition.
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Sundew Carnivorous Plant

One of the Carnivorous plants in my collection is the Sundew Plant or its botanical name, Drosera. The Sundew has a unique way of catching and digesting its prey.

The long leaves of the plant have tiny hairs protruding that are covered in a sticky substance that attract the insects. The insects get trapped in this substance and  digested. The leaf may at times actually curl around the trapped insect.

Sundew Carnivorous Plant

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South African Airforce 3 Squadron Reunion

In May this year I saw a post on Facebook suggesting a 3 Squadron Reunion, I immediately replied with interest.

3 Squadron History with the Mirage F1CZ

16 French Mirage F1CZ fighter aircraft were delivered to 3 Squadron in 1975, these stayed in operation until the squadron’s closure in September 1992. The squadron was based at Waterkloof Airforce base during this time.

The Mirage F1CZ were primary used and designed as Air to Air Interceptors but had Air to Ground bombing capabilities. The aircraft were delivered in an olive drab / deep buff camouflage colours. In the 1980’s it was decided to paint the aircraft in a low Visibility blue/grey scheme. The first Mirage F1 to receive the new colours was tail number 203.

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Beggars at the intersections in Benoni

I just want to touch on the subject of the homeless children and adults we encounter daily at the intersections in Benoni and most of the country begging for money.
Its a huge problem for us all as its not easy to ignore or refuse giving them something when you have stopped at the traffic lights.
SAPS have asked that we not give them anything in an effort to get them off the streets and back to places that can help them. Many of these beggars have been linked to crimes. (Read article –…/police-ask-public-to-stop-s…/)
There are quite a few places in Benoni that take in these children but funds always seem to be a problem.

Bomb Blast in Benoni and Pretoria.

During the 80’s there were four bomb blasts that affected me personally.

  1. Our SAAF Bus was targeted in a bomb blast on 1 March 1988 in Benoni. The bust traveled from Dunnottar through Benoni to the Airforce bases in Pretoria.
  2. The Wimpy Bar located near the Benoni Plaza was bombed on 30 July 1988.
  3. on 19 September 1988 a car bomb exploded outside a block of flats in Benoni about 100m from the Police Station.
  4.  On 20 May 1983 the South African Airforce Head Quarters was targeted in a bomb blast. The explosion left 19 dead and 217 wounded. The attack consisted of a car bomb set off outside the Nedbank Square Building, which was shared between Nedbank and the Dutch embassy, on Church Street at 4:30 pm on a Friday. As the bomb was set to go off at the height of rush hour, those killed and wounded included civilians. The bomb went off ten minutes earlier than planned, killing two of the perpetrators, Freddie Shangwe and Ezekial Maseko. At least 20 ambulances took the dead and wounded to hospitals.

I personally witnessed the aftermath of the explosion as we were pulled from our base to guard the building later that evening. It was and still is something undescribable.

On the 20th please take a moment and spare a thought for those that lost their lives in the Church Street bombing.

Winter is here!

Living in the lower section of Farrarmere, Benoni, we have always since I can remember been bombarded with leaves from the trees in our park. The park is beautiful during the summer with all the greenery.

Friday the 12th May the first cold front arrived. It started off with strong winds followed by hard rain which lasted most of the weekend. The temperature has dropped considerably.

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My Own Personal Ghost Adventure Experiences

Through the years I experienced and many times initiated contact with the spiritual world. Sometimes scary and at other times peaceful and serene but its a practice that needs to be approached with major caution. I will in this post try and recall most of the experiences I have had and how they were handled.

Lets start right at the beginning to try and explain how I became interested in the spiritual world and how it led to where I am today. As a youngster of about 7 I started practicing Judo and later Karate followed by some other forms of Martial Arts. After a few years I realized that there was more than just the physical world, there were things that could be done that took some concentrating and focusing of ones own energy. Its this energy that I became interested in. Continue reading “My Own Personal Ghost Adventure Experiences”